E.L.G Essential Oil Bank Rejuvenating & Moisturizing Essence Capsules

Brand from Taiwan: E.L.G. Vitamin E: Lighten skin wrinkles, fight aging, brighten skin. Grape seed oil: Contains vitamin E, repairs the delays aging. Olive Natural emollient oils, containing vitamins A, D, E, K, nourish skin, maintain moisture, How to use: For daily maintenance, take a capsule open it, apply it evenly on face neck, press lightly until it is absorbed. Each is a one time dosage.


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Stradivarius Body En Tulle House Of The Dragon Noir Xl

Body à col rond et manches longues, croisé sur la poitrine. la mode et le feu règneront. collection capsule exclusive de house of the dragon et stradivarius.


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THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Hwansaenggo Concentrate Capsule 0.21ml x 70 pcs

Brand from South Korea: THE FACE SHOP. Size: 0.21ml x 70 pcs Benefits: This serum capsule moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity repairs barriers in two weeks. Contains white truffle honeysuckle flower extract which give an anti aging repairing effect to skin. Mixable with other care products, such as cream, cushion bb cream. Lightweight texture yet full of nutritions to nourish Disposable that is convenient hygienic. How to use: Tear tip of carefully


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Tassimo Capsules de thé vert menthe Twinings Paquet de 16

Un thé frais pour un instant de plaisir. Paquet de 16 dosettes de compatible Tassimo.Un à consommer à tout moment de la journée.Boisson de 200 ml.TVA 5,5%. Offre exclusivement réservée aux professionnels


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Stradivarius Robe Brocart House Of The Dragon Noir M

Robe courte sans bretelles à décolleté droit, lacée sur côtés. la mode et le feu règneront. collection capsule exclusive de house of the dragon et stradivarius.


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Ottie Blue Capsule Deep Cleansing Cream 200ml

Brand from South Korea: Ottie. Deep cleansing cream that removes skin residue completely as well as heavy makeup.Aqua blue capsule beads help dead cell removal keep the texture soft even after washing. How to use: 1. Apply moderate amount with dry hands spread all over face like massaging. 2. Sweep gently pressing lightly tissue.


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Stradivarius Chaîne De Corps House Of The Dragon Jaune M

La mode et le feu règneront. collection capsule exclusive de house of the dragon et stradivarius.


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Bodum MELIOR® Bar Set 2 pièces Tire bouchon Coupe capsule Noir

About the MELIOR Bar Set This handy duo offers everything you need to start sipping your wine in no time. The includes small but brilliant foil cutter sleek, stylish corkscrew. Crafted from reinforced plastic that fits neatly in hand, has four sharp blades deliver a perfect to prepare neck of bottle opening. Next, reach Effortless easy to use, it a smooth de corking mechanism makes


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Macron micro short running femme capsule animalier

Bet on the new Macron Animalier capsule and get ready to dare. Micro shorts in stretch microfibre fabric, with polyester elastane band inner briefs in fluorescent coral jersey.


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Centellian24 Madeca Vital Capsule Serum Mini 13ml

Brand from South Korea: Centellian24. Benefits: A daily age defying serum that firms reduces the appearance of wrinkles while toning skin for better radiance. Core capsules help to preserve active ingredients in their natural form enhance absorption into skin. Enriched with 10000ppm TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica) to soothe strengthen dry, sensitive Contains Astaxanthin, Vitamin C Collagen to brighten improve texture a glowing complexion.


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